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Schubel Vision Elite Seminar




New Patient Acquisition Strategies

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Schubel Vision Elite Seminar

Let’s get to work improving the quality, value and volume of your service!

Dr. Schubel and his team will lead you through the mindset, strategy, systems, and procedures that create successful chiropractic offices.

If you are passionate about serving more people with a greater quality of service than you must have THE SYSTEMS in place to make it happen.

Many doctors struggle in practice and don’t achieve the results they deserve in life because they're AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP from seasoned professionals.


You are a person with good intentions.  You want to make your life count by serving as many people as you can with the gift of chiropractic.

However, you don’t truly understand the value for what you do or how to communicate that value to others.  As a result you are afraid to ask for what your services are truly worth. 

You find yourself trying to “convince” patients to pay, stay, and refer.  Sometimes you feel lost, uninspired, and that everything is a struggle.  You know you need to change but you don’t know what to do.

Or, your practice is relatively successful but you know you can do more.  You realize that "success leaves clues” and so you are looking for a better model of expansion from someone who has already done what you want to do. 

You want learn how to see a higher volume of people or create multiple clinics without losing your mind.  You recognize that you need better systems in your life and practice in order to get the better results that you deserve.

We can help you.  My team and I have walked in your shoes.  

There is nothing greedy about achieving wealth while helping to improve many lives with high quality chiropractic care.

You deserve to be well paid for what you do.  With greater wealth you can make an even greater impact with your service to the world.

Join us on a new journey of higher achievement.

It’s time for you to take back your power by learning the systems that will create more freedom and abundance in your life.